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Community Highlights within the years

Welcome to ZombieNetwork

Here, you will find all the latest news and updates on our servers. Please join in the community at the forums.

You can also use the Chatbox to chat to other members online at our forums.

Developers, Mappers, Designers & Coders in the Project "Forever ZombieMod" replicates its own unique Authenticy build.

We're providing since 2007 an home for all that biter freaks out there, because we can't get enough! You can't become enough too? then you found the community for your needs.

ZN is an ever expanding gaming community all around biterZ and provides you since 2007 with high quality and well-attended gameservers, mostly known for servers from CS:Source which are running with the ZombieMod. We will always try to improve us while keeping the Community authentic!

Rise with us, also on STEAM & GAMETRACKER

Community of bhraaaaiinns!!


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